Santuari Park Pantai: Luxury Development for the Ultra-Rich

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Santuari Park Pantai: Luxury Development for the Ultra-Rich

Have you ever wondered what a Luxury Development for the Ultra-Rich looks like?

Behold the latest luxury development by Sanctuary Lakes Global Group (SLGG) – Santuari Park Pantai.

Strategically located adjacent to the Bukit Kerinchi Green Recreational Park and nearby Bukit Gasing Forest Reserve, with convenient access to both Kuala Lumpur, as well as the heart of Petaling Jaya, is a 30 acre luxury development of various unit types, with its first phase of just 20 villas.

The gated and guarded luxury development also has empty 10,000 square feet plots of land for owners who are interested to build their own house within the development as well.

Santuary Lakes Global Group

I have to say the show unit was truly, a marvel to behold.

You enter the unit on the ground floor from a staircase landing which is actually the top floor of your unit and your front porch (which also just happens to be the same floor where your swimming pool is located). The staircase below leads you to a not too wide but long living room with a two-storey high ceiling, which stretches all the way into back where the kitchen and dining area is located.

Walking to the kitchen you pass by a beautiful wall-bar and island table-top. The dining room is just adjacent to the house stairwell and lift which leads you down to the rest of the unit.

The unit was beautifully decorated and I have to hand it to the ID team for such a remarkable job, all the way through, from the living room to each and every one of the bedrooms and family rooms.

SLGG offers customizable furnishing options upon request but the units are initially being marketed as bare.

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The Garden Villa, which is a 9,493 square feet, 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom unit comes with a swimming pool, 2 powder rooms and a private lift. This is all certainly more space than most anyone would ever need but when looking at luxury developments of this kind, a home is meant to serve so much more than mere function.

The first phase will have just seven of these garden villas (individual title) with 13 smaller courtyard villas (strata title). There are no standard layouts though as units vary according to the terrain of the hill but all will have water features or swimming pools, courtyard gardens, an entertainment deck and family rooms, while some will also have underground parking.

All will have at least four bedrooms and bathrooms each, with gross floor areas that range from 5, 581 sq. ft. to 10, 000 sq. ft.

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A Status Symbol
A home for the ultra-rich is a status symbol and will push the boundaries of what comes to the mind of the average person when they think about comfort, elegance and exclusivity.

The gated community is going to be a large project with multiple phases of development which following these 30 villas, will also include low rise condominiums which are targeted at the retiree community. The next phase following this first phase of 20, will begin in another 2 years.

The total masterplan for the development will only have a total of 150 – 250 bungalows, courtyard villas and low-rise apartments.

The sheer low density of the place keeps these units exclusive to only a small subset of buyers. This creates a rarity of the commodity.

The development’s exact location is also quite exclusive, you’ll need to take a short drive towards Pantai Hill Park and travel along a side road beside the NPE to get there, which will lead you up a hill where you’ll get an amazing permanently unobstructed, high-rise condominium-style-view from your landed bungalow – which is something quite rare in KL.

Santuari Park Pantai

The price tag on this unit is a whopping RM7.3 million.

A RM7.3 Million Investment?
At this kind of price point though, do these kind of properties have any kind of investment value?

To answer this question, let’s take a look at how luxury property prices have fared over the past few years. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to look at data of landed property prices in KL that have been sold for RM2 million – RM8 million.

To have a good gauge on this, we’re going to look at specifically at – the median price psf from the earliest data that is available on

Luxury Developments for the Ultra-Rich

From the graph, we can see that median psf prices for these kind of properties fluctuate quite significantly and have remained somewhat stagnant since 2013, seeing median psf prices come up from RM600 psf to RM750 psf since 2006 reaching a high of RM950 psf in 2009.

Luxury Developments for the Ultra-Rich

Let’s compare that to the median psf prices of landed properties priced from RM300, 000 – RM1 million. Looking at the data, it clearly shows that the prices for these cheaper and likely smaller units, do tend to appreciate in value, in a much more linear fashion and show clear signs of a steady upward trend over the same time frame.

An Investment for the Ultra-Rich
Are properties like this suitable for the ultra-rich investor?

There could be certain cases made, that buying luxury units like these at the right time can yield significantly attractive returns.

Taking the median price psf increase from 2006 till now, it shows about a 36% increase from about RM530 psf to RM720 psf.

If the Garden Villa we visited at Santuari Park Pantai appreciates in the same manner, that’s an increase to RM9.9 million from RM7.3 million or a sweet RM2.6 million in gains over the course of just 13 years.

Comparing the median psf rise of landed properties from RM300, 000 – RM1 million however, the percentage gain was far superior – 3.8 times more to be precise, at about 140% gain. To achieve the same kind of gains, you would have to buy about four RM500,000 properties, held them for 13 years and sold them all at 2.4 times the price you bought them for or RM1.2 million each.

Which is the better investment option though?

Well, it all depends on what type of investor you are and what your current needs in your life are at the moment. Diversifying your risk by investing in and then managing four smaller properties that you won’t be using as your own home, might not be for everyone.

For some individuals, it might be their dream home in the hills that they’ve always wanted to raise their family in or possibly even the home they want to share with their parents while they raise their own family, before selling it off and downsizing later on for a nice profit.

Luxury properties can be a great capital appreciation play but it really depends on whether you have the kind of capital that is needed to invest at these levels, and if the investment property suits your current needs at your current stage in life.

If you are looking for luxury and grandeur though, and have the type of coin to buy a luxury development for the ultra-rich, do head down and make an appointment at Santuari Park Pantai today. The show unit will definitely not fail to impress even the most ultra-rich individuals.

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