Where is The Best Place to Live in KL Sentral?

What is the best place to live in KL Sentral?
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Where is The Best Place to Live in KL Sentral?

A common question among people coming to KL for work is ‘Where is the best place to live in KL?’ And specifically, where in KL Sentral…

Why KL Sentral?

This is because KL Sentral is just a stone’s throw away from the city at 2km and boasts nearby living amenities that are rivalled by few locations in the entire state.

Strategically situated right in the middle of some amazing townships such as Bangsar, Mid-Valley City, Pudu and Brickfields, you are never too far away from anything and never at a loss for choices on where to head out to eat or do your shopping.

A Transportation Hub Like No Other
Sentral itself is home to a major mixed commercial development – NU Sentral,  which includes a massive number of retail and office lots, and joins up directly (Yes, you get to walk through an air-conditioned mall) to the largest transportation interchange in all of Kuala Lumpur.

At KL Sentral you have access to all five rail networks (LRT, MRT, Monorail, KTM Komuter & KTM) that make travelling around KL extremely easy, allowing you to avoid all the jams and even access to railway lines connecting KL up to the other states and even one that goes direct to the airport (KLIA Express) in just 28 minutes for only RM55.

KL Sentral is not only limited to the rail network interchange but is also major bus terminal where you can catch buses to almost any other state in Malaysia and even buses that go to Singapore and Genting Highlands.

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You even get access here to the KL Hop-On Hop-Off tourist bus which gives you a chance bring your relatives or friends who come visit, to sit on an open air double decker bus that will bring them around to get a view of some of KLs most interesting attractions.

Amenity Heaven
Besides being able to go anywhere from KL Sentral, let’s not forget that you could just as easily be a hermit that never ever leaves the area. 


Because KL Sentral is jam packed with restaurants, retail outlets, banks, gyms, service centers, salons and even clinics which will cater to almost every single thing that you could ever need.

And if in the off chance that there isn’t?

There’s Lazada.

The area is almost as desirable as staying in the city center itself if you go purely based on just which hotels have set-up shop here – St Regis, Le Meridien, Hilton, Ascott and Aloft (also Mariott Group) are located right within the vicinity.

Everything is right here…

Need to change your money to local currency?

Need to buy some medication from the pharmacy?

Need to chill out and take some time off at the spa?

Just head on down and it won’t take you more than a few minutes to get your fix for whatever it is that you need.

Just a short while away is Brickfields, which is home to Kuala Lumpur’s Little India district, where you have access to a whole host of Indian culinary delights and grocery stores.

KL Sentral is clearly an epic place to stay but this brings us to the main point of the article…

Where is the best place to live in KL Sentral?

To figure this out we need to take a look at what types of places are available for rent in KL Sentral and how these developments differ by amenities, size and most importantly – cost. 

Let’s take a look at the various residences that are available in KL Sentral, right from the creme de la crème of residences, to the most affordable, and our Top Pick right at the end.

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St Regis Residences
St Regis KL Sentral
Photo Credits: Booking.com

This hotel residence is something only the wealthiest can afford, another development available only to the Ultra-Rich. St Regis Residences sit above the rooms of the hotel below and the residents here still have full access to all the hotels in-house services and amenities that are offered to the hotel guests.

These services include a 24-hour concierge, a 24-hour front desk and even doormen. The units also come fully furnished in luxury furnishings as what you’d only expect from a 6-star hotel.

What does such luxury cost though?

You’re gonna be hit with a hefty price tag of about RM7,500 per month for an 820 sft studio unit and even upwards of RM35,000 per month for a 4 bedroom!

If you have the budget and a taste for the finest things in life, St Regis Residences is definitely the place for you.

The Sentral Residences
Sentral Residences
Photo Credits: https://www.propertyguru.com.my/

This next development is also a luxury end development that was completed fairly recently in end-2016. The condominium sits just beside its 6-star neighbor – St Regis Residences and has all the luxury amenities you’d expect with a few additional treats such as a salt-water infinity pool, a steam bath, and a sky lounge.

One thing that really stands out here is the views that you can get from the facilities decks. Most of the facilities here have a 360o panoramic view, allowing you to see everything around you including an amazing view of the KL skyline.

This is not a case of simply being luxury by proximity, but a very high-class accommodation that can stand out all on its own.

These units also come with a significantly high price tag of RM4,500 per month for a 2 bedroom, around 1000 sft, and upwards of RM5,500 per month for 3 bedrooms or more.

Suasana Sentral
Suasana Sentral
Photo Credits: Booking.com

Probably the most well-known on the list is Suasana Sentral. This development is actually divided into two separate developments; one being Suasana Sentral Loft (aka ‘The Loft’) and the other being Suasana Sentral Condominium.

Suasana Sentral Loft is the newer development (yet still being completed more than 10 years ago) with Suasana Sentral Condominium being almost 20 years old.

As you might expect by the name, Suasana Sentral Loft is catered to individuals looking for a slightly more high-end stay compared to the older condominium units.

The 2 developments are basically side-by-side and offer similar amenities with the Loft units having a slightly newer feel.  Furnishing however, will really depend on the unit that you pick as some owners have renovated their units to keep up with the times.

Units here will cost you about RM3,500 per month for a 1+1 bedroom or studio unit at around 800+ sft, at either Suasana Sentral Loft or Suasana Sentral Condominium. Larger units at 3 bedrooms or more are going for upwards of RM4,500 per month.

The Pines CondominiumTHE PINES SENTRAL
Photo Credits: http://www.malaysiaproperties888.com/

From here on we move over to residences that are not exactly located in Sentral but they are located in the adjacent township of Brickfields – which is also one of the top Airbnb locations in KL. The area is older and has been around long before there ever was even a KL Sentral. You’ll also notice that there is a significant difference in the rental rates despite being almost at the same location.

Starting with those in Brickfields, we have The Pines Condominium which is at least 30 years old, yet has been maintained relatively well. It gives you extremely good access to Brickfields and probably about 15-minutes’ walk to Nu Sentral. It is conveniently however, just a 5-minutes’ walk to Little India.

The condo offers no glamorous facilities and just the bare basics as that was what the norm. There was not a need for all the fancy amenities that condos provide these days.

The units at The Pines all have a standard layout of 3 bedroom and 2 bathrooms with varying sizes from about 1000 sft to 1200 sft and cost anything from RM2,400 – RM2,800 per month.

Palm Court Condominium
Photo Credits: https://www.propsocial.my/property/2304/brickfields/the-pines

Palm Court was originally developed for the lower income bracket and is also located in the heart of Brickfields. It is slightly nearer to KL Sentral as compared to The Pines but is definitely less well equipped in terms of amenities and looks somewhat old.

Here you’ll be able to find the cheapest units available in the area with the units going at just RM1,600 per month for an 800 sft 2-bedroom unit with only one bathroom. Larger units with 3 bedrooms range from RM1,800 – RM2,400 depending on the level of furnishing.

This condo is for the budget tenant who is looking for a very simple unit to stay in that still does have a great location close by to KL Sentral.

633 Residency
Photo Credits: https://foursquare.com/v/633-residency/4e1185f97d8b4d5613db6168

633 Residency is a relatively much newer development at about 10 years old and is located on the east side of Brickfields and is further away from Little India compared to The Pines and Palm Court.

It is more secluded and overlooks the Klang River which may not be the most ideal as during the rainy season, the Klang River does tend to give off some unpleasant odors. Staying on high floors may help you subvert this problem though.

Getting into this area also does pose some issues as the roads are narrow and are often congested due to the surrounding shops scattered below.

The condo does have another slight drawback however as it is located close to the train tracks of the monorail line which gives way to some level of noise pollution on a regular basis throughout the day but can be fixed if you can get a unit where the owner has had some sound proofing work done.

The units here are not as cheap as you would think but they are significantly newer than some of the other developments mentioned above, going at RM2,500 per month for one bedroom studio units that are about 800 sft up to RM4,000 per month for larger 3 bedroom units.

Villa Scott & Scott Sentral Condominium
Photo Credits: http://www.npr.my/

Just beside 633 Residency are Villa Scott and Scott Sentral, which face similar issues as 633 Residency in terms of noise pollution and traffic congestion.

Villa Scott is an older and larger development that is looks less premium compared to its newer sister which is much less dense and predominantly made up of smaller units.

On thing to note is that Villa Scott has many tenants that are students who go to the nearby college. Students tend to not be the best of neighbours but then again is perfect if you are a student yourself!

The rental rates at Villa Scott tend to be higher as the units here are larger 2 to 4 bedroom units and range from 1200 sft and above whereas Scott Sentral Units are smaller despite having the same number of bedrooms.

Units at Villa Scott go from RM2,500 – RM3,500 per month while Scott Sentral Units RM2,300 – RM3,600 per month.

Dua Sentral
Photo Credits: https://www.agoda.com/

This brings us to our top pick which is none other than Dua Sentral.

This lesser known development was previously managed by Best Western and offers all the amenities that you would expect from a luxury development that can challenge the standards of places like Sentral Residences.

The serviced residence has amenities such as an infinity pool (the only other development besides Sentral Residences in the area to have one), concierge services, a spa and wellness center, business centers and seminar rooms, a launderette and convenience store, and even numerous restaurants and eateries.

The units are located not directly in Sentral but is closer and has better access to KL Sentral than all the other fringing developments located in Brickfields as it has a direct underpass that can take you there in just 5 minutes on foot.

You also don’t need to bother about the Brickfields related congestion or noise pollution from the monorail as the development is located on the east side of Jalan Damansara.

The development is just 9 years old being significantly newer than most of the developments in the area and has been maintained exceptionally well. The development is also extremely low density with just 378 units in total rivalling only Villa Scott in terms of privacy with all of the other developments having many more in each of them.

The view from the facilities floor is also as amazing as the one at Sentral Residences giving you a full view of the KL Skyline!

The units here range from small 1-bedroom units at around 600 sft and 2-bedroom units up to 1000 sft. The best part about this development is that for such luxury you don’t need to pay anything even close to what you would pay at St Regis or Sentral Residences – the rental rates here are phenomenal at RM2,800 for a fully furnished 2-bedroom unit measuring 1000 sft!

This development offers the luxury of a high-class residence in Sentral at the price of much older units which pale in comparison to the grandeur that is offered to you here, which is why it is our Top Pick for the best place to live in KL Sentral.  

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